Introducing Our New Agent – Unlocking Global Real Estate Expertise

Meet the Newest Addition to Velocity Real Estate: A Blend of Cross-Cultural Expertise and Business Acumen

We at the Velocity Real Estate team are thrilled to announce our newest addition – an agent with a remarkable combination of cross-cultural real estate expertise, a deep commitment to integrity, and an undeniably high level of business acumen. It is our pleasure to welcome her to our team as we strive to connect and build stronger communities.

A Rich and Diverse Background

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Accra, Ghana, our newest team member boasts a professional portfolio that spans multiple continents. Her educational journey began at an international preparatory school in Ghana, exposing her to a variety of cultures from a young age. She then pursued higher education in the United States, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and an MBA with a focus on Supply Chain Operations.

“Her career began in the supply chain sector, with pivotal roles in inventory and lead-time reduction for prominent retailers in New York and San Francisco. Upon returning to Ghana, she held key procurement and project management roles in the beverage industry, interfacing with international vendors.”

Before her impressive transition to real estate, she showcased her innate project management skills as the logistics lead of interior design for Signature Apartments, a condominium development by Capemay Properties, a leading Ghanaian real estate developer.

Joining Velocity Real Estate

In her new role at Velocity Real Estate, she is committed to leveraging her unique experiences, dedication to integrity, and robust expertise to facilitate seamless real estate transactions. With a proven track record, we are confident that she will redefine real estate investment experiences, fostering a sense of ease and confidence among clients.

“With a team that boasts over 50 years of combined experience in the real estate industry, Velocity Real Estate continues its legacy of connecting buyers to the perfect builders, homes, and neighborhoods. Our mission remains clear: To create a sales platform that turns empty spaces into the best places to live, work, and play.”

Tailored Solutions for Every Real Estate Need

We strive to generate value through innovative management and provide comprehensive solutions to all your real estate needs. Whether embarking on a new construction project or seeking the ideal property, trust our team to support you every step of the way.

“We invite you to take the first step towards your new home with Velocity Real Estate, where we make sure that location is always the priority. Then, with our help, you can find a builder, explore floor plans, and finally select a homesite to construct your dream home.”

Are you ready for your next project? Let’s start building your future together.

Key Takeaways

  1. New Agent’s Unique Expertise: Velocity Real Estate is proud to welcome a new agent with a rich and diverse professional background, providing an added layer of global real estate expertise to the team.

  2. Value-Adding Professional Background: The new agent’s robust professional journey significantly enhances the overall real estate experience for our clients, ensuring they receive unmatched services in their property ventures.

  3. Comprehensive Real Estate Solutions: The Velocity Real Estate team remains dedicated to providing comprehensive real estate solutions, from community build-outs to design specification services, making it an ideal partner for your next project.

  4. Client-Centric Approach: Embarking on the journey towards a new home begins with Velocity Real Estate, where location and client satisfaction are always the top priority, guiding every decision and action.



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